New Books about Reverence, Gratitude, and Mandala Coloring Books

I’m joyfully sharing the news of my new books!

“Reverence” and “Gratitude” are part of the series “Virtues of My Heart.” The books explore the virtues through a series of examples that show how we can develop other virtues as we strive for reverence and gratitude, poses questions for the children to reflect on, and share the joy it brings to our heart when we practice them. For children of 5 years and older with an independent reading level of 7 years old or second grade.

“Nine-Pointed Star Mandalas” and “Nineteen-Pointed Star Mandalas” are fun coloring books that friends of all ages can enjoy!

Thanks to my dear friend Leanna from for editing the books!

All books are available on ALL Amazon Markets. Press here for a link to a consolidated list.

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