Gift Activity Pages for 175 B.E. Yearly Planning

175_DHLLC_Melissa Charepoo_Yearly Planner_1

175_DHLLC_Melissa Charepoo_Yearly Planner_2

175_DHLLC_Melissa Charepoo_Yearly Planner_3

We have been doing some planning for the next year writing down some ideas on how to celebrate the Holy Days at home.  It will be impossible to set all the details this early in the year but at least brought into the forefront of our family consultations. Also, is neat to see graphically how the Holy Days and celebrations come in pairs/ trio which makes it easier, in my opinion, to make plans as we can focus on one topic at a time. For example Declarations, Birthdays, The Master, etc.

This set of three gift coloring pages includes a graphic 175 BE calendar and two pages to plan the Holy Days and Feast. And I hope your family enjoys it!!

You are welcome to download the PDF HERE!

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Tutorial – Coffee Filter Flowers to Recreate the Flowers of the Garden of Ridván


Happy Ridván to all of you delightful people!

Every year we pitch a tent and create a garden in our living room to celebrate Ridvan. There we read stories about those twelve precious days Bahá’u’lláh spent in the garden.

This year we did the flowers from coffee filters. So much fun! This is an activity that my family looks forward every year. Perfect for 4yo children and up. Enjoy the tutorial bellow! What other ideas for garden recreation you have? I would love to see your pictures!


“Tent”: Solig Net from Ikea

“Rug”:The Boho Street Branded Cotton Mandala Roundies, Beach Throw, Indian Mandala Tapestry, Yoga Mat, Picnic Mat , Table throw

As always, I would love, love, love to see the pictures of your beautiful creations:

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